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1988 Mazda B-Series Seat Covers

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  • Front Row
All prices shown are for the BASIC SET. Optional parts are extra. Click here for more details

A basic set is the main portions of the seats, bottom and tops. For example:

  • If you have a bench seat, the bottom and the back rest covers are the basic set.
  • If you have a 60/40 split bench, the basic set is both bottoms and both backrests.
  • If you have a 40/20/40, the basic set is three bottoms, two backrests and the face of the folding console.
  • If you have bucket seats, the basic set is both bottoms and both backrests.

There are exceptions to these statements but they are noted in the descriptions of each seat cover.


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Seat Style 3

Part # 206

Straight bench seat.

Price $269.99

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Seat Style 101

Part # 207

This seat is a 60/40 split bench with small built on non-adjustable headrests and a shifter notch in the drivers seat bottom.

Price $289.99

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