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COVID-19 Marathon Updates


January 18, 2021
This year, everyone’s health and safety is our top priority. We are committed to the wellbeing of our customers, employees, and carriers that we work with every day. Being responsible in all aspects of our business – from our manufacturing facilities to our customer service center – is more important than ever.
We are keeping our teams safe with many extra precautions, but this is not without its challenges. We expect unprecedented demand in custom vehicle orders and shipments.
As always, we will be right here, ready to help you in any way we can with orders, questions, support, or concerns.
Thank you for your patronage, patience, and understanding. We hope you and your loved ones have a safe and healthy 2021!
October 26th, 2020
2020 has been an unprecedented year for sure. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected all parts of our lives, including Marathon's ability to operate normally. The need for our products has remained very strong during this time and we are faced with a backlog in our production line. This is due to State mandated closures and updated COIVD-19 protocols that impact our lead times in our production facility and response times with calls.
Please know we have teams working very hard to get caught up without sacrificing the quality you expect from us. However, we do have extra daily steps that are needed to ensure the safety of our teams and customers.
We know you may have questions or concerns and we are eager to help answer your questions, but if you could direct as much correspondence through email as possible that will greatly help us respond to as many customers as fast as possible. We understand the inconvenience these backlogs and delays cause for you, but hope you can be patient as our product is custom made-to-order and does take some time to handcraft something for your exact vehicle. 
Marathon always tries to give full transparency on your custom protection before your order is processed, but unexpected delays are still possible as the flu season and COVID-19 illnesses are hitting our country hard..
Please take care of yourself and your family during this difficult time and know that we are producing your order as soon as we can!
May 4th, 2020
We are back to operating full time, however we do have limited staff and will continue to practice the safety measures put in place by the CDC and Covercraft that are posted below on March 24th. With being shut down for weeks, we will continue to expierence delays in fulfilling orders and at this time are projecting that all orders will take 6-8 weeks from the original date they were placed to be produced and ship.
April 15th, 2020

Here is our latest update on our operation efforts during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • As a result of the most recent update from Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announced Tuesday 4/7/2020; he is extending the Stay at Home order for an additional two weeks to April 24 aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. 
  • With this order, we will be experiencing delays in processing and fulfilling orders for the next month. 
  • Marathon has recently been declared essential by the state and will be ramping back up some production next week while still creating a safe working environment.
  • While the timing of returning to normal processing and fulfillment of orders has some levels of uncertainty, we will provide updates as they become available to us.
We appreciate your business and understanding as we are doing our part to comply with our state policies that are in place. 

Please take care of yourself and your family during this difficult time and know that we will be back to producing your order as soon as we can!
New Orders:  If you choose to place your order now, you may see delays in customer service responses for the time being and payment processing. Please order with confidence as our product is custom made for you, please visit
March 24th, 2020
Marathon and Covercraft are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, business partners and community.
Here is what Marathon is doing internally to ensure our product and employees are safe and in compliance with the latest CDC, WHO and other regulatory agency guidelines:
  • Disinfecting manufacturing and handling work areas across all of our manufacturing facilities.
  • Making additional hand sanitizer and disinfectant products available in all of our facilities.
  • Reconfiguring workstations and production processes to accommodate social distancing.
  • Communicating to all team members the CDC guidance for the handling of illness, social distancing, and hygiene.
  • Implementing a COVID-19 Response Team which is meeting daily to stay abreast of current information and be able to react quickly to any changes. This team consists of all Covercraft organizations and includes top leadership.
  • Team members have been instructed to stay home if they are ill and to report any positive COVID-19 test to Covercraft so that we can react accordingly.
  • Instituting work-from-home procedures for many of our employees to help minimize person-to-person interaction.
Here is what Marathon is doing to help you and keep you informed through the COVID crisis:
  • This web page has been set up to post updates specific for Marathon, Covercraft and COVID-19 situation.
  • Our work-from-home procedures and production/shipping reconfigurations are designed to maintain operations where possible in accordance with regional regulatory requirements.
Communication is an essential part of our relationship with you, please check the website, follow us on social media and feel free to contact us directly for additional information and updates.
Additional information and guidelines are available at, or your local health department website. We encourage our customers to visit these sites to learn how we can all work together to address this health emergency.
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