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Style# 32 Part# 171-00 Front 40/60 in Highlander (Item #165)

sku# 171-00-SD1
For Sale
Price: $234.00 $151.64

Style# 32 Part# 171-00 Front 40/60 in Highlander (Item #165)

Front Seat: This seat has a 40/60 split bench bottom with NON-Adjustable headrests. Headrests are built on to seat as a 1 piece backrest.

Color: Kryptek Highlander

Console Lid: Included

Console Face: Included

Driver Map Pocket: Included

Passenger Map Pocket: Included

Driver Front Pocket: Knee Included

Passenger Front Pocket: Knee Included

Extras: None

Fits : Ford F-150 (2001) Ford F-150 (2002, 2003, 2004) Ford Expedition (2001) Ford Expedition (2000) Ford F-150 (2000)

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