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Marathon Superhides Seat Covers are Made from genuine Cordura® Nylon fabric available in over 30 solid colors and camouflage patterns. This material is direct dyed to make the color last the longest of any seat cover material available. Cordura® Nylon is some of the worlds most durable fabric being used widely in the outdoor equipment industry, motorcycle pants and jackets, hunting gear and Military backpacks and tactical gear. Our Cordura® Nylon is coated with a polyurethane backer and a DWR top finish for 100% waterproofing.


Seat Covers that fit like they are painted on…

Marathon Seat Covers are patterned directly off of the seats themselves. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all cover. We take great care and bring each year model vehicle into our shop and custom design each pattern for a precise custom fit. We have our covers cut with an aerospace grade computer controlled machine producing extremely small tolerances. Each cover is sewn by a real person in our factory in Bozeman, MT USA.

Constructed using 100% Cordura® nylon fabric.

  • Custom-fit to your seats exactly—no wrinkling or sagging.
  • The backs of the seats are fully covered.
  • Fast, secure installation—put them on once, not every time you get in your truck!
  • Waterproof, rugged, durable, Cordura® nylon protects your seats from hunting dogs and hunting buddies.

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Extremely Durable

  • 100% Cordura® Nylon. NO stretch cloth or vinyl.
  • Wears like iron.
  • 100% waterproof Polyurethane backed DWR finish
  • Cordura is ideal for high traffic environments with kids and dogs and construction personal.
  • Cordura is the toughest material available for seat covers.
    • Three-year limited warranty.
    • Available in camouflage and solid colors.

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Seat Cover Installation

Marathon Superhides Seat Covers are a slip-on cover that goes over your stock upholstery. This seat cover does NOT replace the existing upholstery but simply slips over and fastens tightly in place with hook and loop style fasteners, no bungee cords or elastic are used. The material does not stretch, installation can usually take about 1 man hour per row of vehicle.

  • The seats do not need to be removed from the vehicle.
  • Tools are generally not required.
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